Is Electrolysis painful?

Electrolysis does cause discomfort which is relative to the client’s tolerance and area of treatment. Adjustments can be made to create a more comfortable treatment. For extra sensitive areas, topical ointments can be used to anesthetize the skin.

is electrolysis dangerous?

The amount of electrical current used is extremely small and poses no hazard. Only sterilized, disposable probes are used and the office is maintained in a sanitary and professional manner.

what is the appearance of the treated area?

Immediately following treatment there may be a slight redness and swelling, it will disappear after a short time. Instructions for appropriate aftercare will be given to you.

Is electrolysis expensive?

The overall benefits received from permanency outweigh the cost. Regained self-assurance and individual confidence can mean a new life for you. Continuous use of temporary methods over a period of many years will cost you more in dollars, time, and embarrassment.